What is MagicMonk?

Magic Monk is a social-proof software to improve Facebook or Meta Ad conversions almost instantly. Social proof can be a way to increase conversions by showing customers how popular a product or service is.

What are the services provided by MagicMonk?

Magic Monk makes it extremely easy to get all the Facebook ads social-proofed using our 3 main packages - Yogi, 3rd Eye, and MagicMonk, as each one subsequently offers more social proofing. Each package delivers a specific number of Likes/Reactions or emojis, Shares, and Custom Comments which you can customize to make your ads even more popular.

How do I place an order?

Step 1: Top-Up the account balance
Step 2: Go to “Shop” and select the package you desire, and let our Magic Monk take care of the rest!
Step 3: Wait 24-48 hours for the entire order fulfillment to complete.

Who are our best clients?

Some of the top affiliate marketers, drop shippers, and ad agencies worldwide have been our loyal clients for quite some time - even before Magic Monk became public software. We've hid this software specifically for them to give them the advantage that most advertisers don't have - until we realized, that as long as our clients are using Magic Monk - we as a team are all winning if you're not using Magic Monk- good luck to you!

I got the likes/reactions, but I’m still waiting on Shares and Comments. What do I do?

Absolutely not - it’s normal for the likes and reactions to deliver first and the shares and comments after. 

What is the difference between all the packages? (Yogi, 3rd Eye, and MagicMonk)

Yogi - This is our most popular package. Best for split testing and optimizing to scale to around $1,000/ad spend per day.

3rd Eye - This is our second most popular package. This is where the likes/reactions hit 5 digits and the advertising campaigns start to look more and more legitimate.

MagicMonk - This ultimate package will transform your decent ad campaign into a gold mine ad campaign. Many of our clients who run over $100,000/ad spend per day rely on the Magic Monk package for scaling purposes.

How fast is your service?

Once you've cast your order into our realm, our team works with the swiftness of wind elemental to get your campaign soaring. It can take up to 24 hours to fulfill the order. 

How to check my order status?

You don't need a crystal ball! 🔮 Simply log into your account on our portal, and there, you'll find “My Orders” and all the details of your ongoing quests and missions.

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately, we cannot “take back” what we’ve provided, and therefore, we do not offer refunds. However, if the order is automatically canceled due to invalid links or deactivated ad campaigns, you will see the balance credited back to the account 3 days after the automatic cancellation date.

How can I contact your customer support team?

Please visit “Support” in the member’s portal.

What is the pricing structure for your services?

Please visit “Shop” to view all the packages. We always recommend starting with the “Yogi” package whether it’s for split testing or scaling.

What types of businesses benefit from your platform?

Dropshippers, Affiliate Marketers, Ad Agencies, both big or small businesses, and those that would simply shortcut to the best margins possible.

How do I submit my own comments?

Visit “Comment list” to view pre-built comment lists or to create your own. Turn it into your playground!

How can I get started as a user?

Simple! Top-Up the balance, Select the Package, and submit your order.

Why should I use your social proofing platform?

Many of our clients apply MagicMonk during the split testing phase to significantly reduce the cost of discovering the winning ad campaigns. Then they upgrade the packages to support the scaling process. We understand that many advertisers fail to protect their margin on the way up so that’s where MagicMonk blesses the ads and protects the CPM from spiking.

My payment went through, but I didn’t get my balance updated! What should I do?

CRYPTOCURRENCY: Please contact support with your account email and order number. For Bitcoin payments, we require sufficient network confirmations before automatically crediting your account. Other cryptocurrencies will be processed whenever we are notified by our payment processor. This will vary based on the required number of confirmations and the network's confirmation speed. If you are paying with a cryptocurrency, please make sure you are including any transaction fees your wallet deducts from your total payment amount. We are not liable for any payments sent to the wrong party or the wrong wallet. **Cryptocurrency payment confirmations are typically estimated to take between 5-45 minutes depending on the network

CREDIT CARD: Top-up balance update for credit card is instant. If after 5 minutes, the balance does not automatically update do not worry and contact support

My order was canceled? What should I expect?

During the processing of your order, our top priority is ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the link provided for your Facebook advertising campaign. However, if during our rigorous validation and verification phase, we encounter any errors rendering us unable to process your order, please be assured of the following: 

Order Cancellation: We will promptly cancel the order and inform you of the cancellation due to a technical issue. 

Refund Procedure: We respect the value of your investment. Therefore, in such a case, there will be an auto initiation of refund to the user's account balance.

Refund Timeline: The refunded amount will be credited back to your account within 5 business days from the date of order cancellation. 

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